Journal of Bacha Khan Medical College is published on controlled circulation basis and distributed among the faculty of all medical colleges, main libraries and private clinics throughout Pakistan and abroad. The copyright is owned by the BKMC. BKMC has the right to reproduce, transmit, publish or distribute the contribution in the journal or otherwise.

The publisher and the member of the editorial board cannot be held responsible for errors or for any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in this journal. For every published work, two copies of the journal will be supplied free of cost to the principal author. Additional copies of the journal can be obtained on payment.

Article Processing/Publication Fee:
On acceptance of the article by the editorial board and peer review, author(s) are required to submit the following fee in advance on account of article publication/processing charges.

Faculty members/consultants = Rs. 5000/-

Trainee Medical Officer = 3000/-

House Officer = 2000/-


  1. An article is submitted by the author for review.
  2. The editorial team examines the article for errors, such as plagiarism, the length of the abstract, the overall length of the paper, the number of keywords, the style of the references, and so forth.
  3. Articles containing errors are returned to the author for revision and/or correction.
  4. All articles that are error-free are sent for editing.
  5. All articles are proofread before being distributed to numerous specialists in similar subjects for double-blind peer assessment.
  6. The article is delivered to the production unit for publication if at least two reviewers support its publishing; otherwise, it is returned to the author for editing or rejection.
  7. Following positive peer reviews, all papers are structured and styled in accordance with the journal's guidelines before being forwarded to the IT department for online publication.


Time limits and deadlines are all flexible. It could take longer or less time, depending on the caliber of the material and the review process.

  1. Duration of paper submission:
  2. Deadline for the submission of papers in JBKMC is 15th of March for Spring Issue and 15th of September for Fall Issue.
  3. Duration of Review of articles:
  4. Deadline for the review of papers in JBKMC is 30th of April for Spring Issue and 30th of October for Fall issue.
  5. Duration of Acceptance of articles:
  6. When a paper is submitted to this journal and the peer review procedure is successfully completed, it typically takes an article between 30 and 60 days to be accepted.
  7. Duration of Publication of articles :
  8. From the time an article is submitted until it is peer-reviewed and posted to our website, the total time it takes to be featured in this journal is 35–70 days.