Editorial Policy of Journal of Bacha Khan Medical College, Mardan, Pakistan

1. Introduction

The Journal of Bacha Khan Medical College (JBKMC) is dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research that contributes to the field of medical science. This policy outlines the editorial standards and processes to ensure integrity, transparency, and academic excellence.

2. Editorial Independence

The editorial decisions are made independently by the Editorial Board without any influence from the institution, sponsors, or any other external entities. The Editor-in-Chief has the final authority over the content published in the journal.

3. Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure accuracy, originality, and relevance. Manuscripts are initially screened by the editorial team and then reviewed by at least two independent experts in the field. Reviewers remain anonymous to the authors to maintain objectivity.

4. Manuscript Submission

Authors must submit manuscripts electronically via the journal’s submission system. Submissions should conform to the journal’s guidelines, including format, structure, and ethical standards. Manuscripts that do not comply with these guidelines will be returned to the authors without review.

5. Ethical Standards

JBKMC adheres to the highest ethical standards in research and publication. Authors must ensure that their work complies with ethical guidelines, including obtaining informed consent from participants and approval from relevant ethics committees. Cases of plagiarism, fabrication, or falsification of data will result in rejection and may lead to further action.

6. Conflict of Interest

Authors, reviewers, and editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the manuscript's evaluation and publication. This ensures transparency and maintains the trust of our readership.

7. Correction and Retraction

The journal is committed to correcting errors and maintaining the accuracy of the published record. Corrections will be made for minor errors, while retractions or statements of concern will be issued for significant issues such as ethical breaches or major errors.

8. Editorial Board

The Editorial Board comprises experienced professionals from diverse medical disciplines. Board members are selected based on their expertise and contributions to the field, ensuring that the journal maintains high academic and professional standards.

9. Open Access and Copyright

JBKMC is an open-access journal, providing free and immediate access to its content. Authors retain copyright of their work while granting the journal a license to publish. This ensures the widest possible dissemination of research findings.

10. Appeals and Complaints

Authors who wish to appeal editorial decisions or submit complaints may do so in writing to the Editor-in-Chief. Appeals will be reviewed by an independent committee, and a final decision will be communicated within a reasonable timeframe.