JBKMC is a peer reviewed journal. All articles on receipt for publication are reviewed for originality, relevance, statistical methods, significance, and adequacy of documentation, reader interest and composition. Manuscripts not submitted according to the instructions will be returned to the author for correction prior to beginning the peer review process. All manuscripts considered suitable for review are evaluated by a minimum of two members of editorial board. The manuscript is then sent to two or more than two reviewers who may take few weeks to review the manuscript.

Necessary comments of reviewers are conveyed back to the authors. After necessary revision by the authors, the manuscripts are presented to the editorial board for final decision about its publication the ultimate authority to accept or reject the manuscript rests with the Editor. Revised manuscripts are judged on the adequacy of responses to suggestions and criticisms made during the initial review. All accepted manuscripts are subject to editing for scientific accuracy and clarity by the office of the Editor. When the manuscript is deemed fit for publication, letter of acceptance is issued to the author. No article is rejected unless similar comments are received from at least two reviewers. Rejected articles are returned back to authors.